The Way For Consumer Laundry Clothing Is Not Confused With Other Consumers

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One of the problems in laundry services, wash clothes that are washed out or lost. If that happens, it’s not just harming customers, but it’s a sign that our company is less professional. Losses that will be experienced by laundry service providers, is a long term if not immediately fixed due to waning trust (trust) customers to laundry services that we run. It’s a good idea, laundry providers to do tactics in a way that is found itself that proved effective to keep the loss or exchange of customer clothing. If you find the best ideas please try and be combined with ideas that have been applied before. There are some tips shared by around this issue;

When weighing the clothes, customer clothes must be counted in front of the customer. Then write in the note, the number of clothes. It would be better if the note is also written in detail. For example, the number of shirts in how many, how many pairs, how many towels to a handkerchief. Provide a wash-up receipt in detail so that it will accommodate the record types of each customer’s washing. Provide also a separate record columns, for example, the customer wants his clothes to be specially treated or certain notes such as thunder or others. Ask the customer if the clothes are likely to wear off? Like cloth from Levis and beach cloth that often fade. Before washing, tag each dress first. Marking on a tag can use a proof of customer’s payment or name.