Tips to Lower Body Fat Percentage Naturally

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People who know a lot about fitness know that the problem is not about weight on the scales but it is about the percentage of body fat. The percentage will be called fit when it reaches 21-24% for women and 14-17% for men, although they have their own goals. No matter what your current level, eliminating body fat is really hard. Yet with a mixture of diet, good habits, and exercises, your ideal fat percentage will be achieved. In the following, then, there will be some tips to help you lower the percentage of your body fat naturally. To get some more tips, you can go to

– Increase the intake of protein and fiber

You must have heard before that to eliminate fat and begin building muscle, you require protein. The body is able to burn the protein to survive, but prefer carbohydrates and fats. So, when you crave it primarily with protein, it will switch to the carbohydrates and fats you have stored. In addition, proteins also build and repair muscles.
While increasing the protein, you should not forget the fiber. This substance is slowly digested, helping you lose weight by helping you feel full and acting like a sponge for water and fat. So add nuts, seeds, brown rice, and whole grains to your list of good food to eat.

– Do not get rid of fat consumption completely

You should know that you still must consume good fats. Some people think that a diet without fat or low fat automatically means a good diet. The low-fat diet, indeed, can be effective but only if you do it right. You should stick with good fats. The good kind such as omega-3 and 6 can actually cause fat burned, thus, instead, it will be able to increase your metabolism.