Tips for Helping Couples who are Embarrassed Intimate

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You want to try new things in bed, but your partner is shy? Relax, you are not the only one who experienced it. Opening for others when having sex is not easy. Your partner may want to adventure further, but he is not comfortable enough and dares to try it. There are people who have low sex drive, and there is a shame when having sex. Both are different things and the cause is not the same. So make sure first, your partner which type? Couples who are embarrassed to have sex usually have normal sex. She wants to have sex and will enjoy sex with you. However, when you seduce with sexy words, he becomes nervous and fails to make love. Another feature is reluctant to try new sex positions. Moreover, enough out of the box for him, such as anal sex. Or maybe he actually wanted to try a position or technique that is quite unique. Usually, couples who embarrassed sex also refused to have sex with bright lights. The key to helping couples who are embarrassed is to be patient and slow. Sex is not easy or familiar to her so she needs adjustment. Do not forget to add the use of Scream cream that can help your game with a partner for the better. By rubbing it on your clitoris and feel the effect for 5 minutes after use.

Especially in your shy partner. To help him “get out of the shell” in shame, find out the reason the couple feels embarrassed. For example, he worried about his body, fear of being sex-hungry or too naughty, and various other reasons. Talk about this fear, make sure you love and admire his body. Tell also that you do not mind if your partner invites sex first or if he has a sex fantasy that wants to be realized. To be more relaxed and confident partner, build trust and comfort. The trick, among others, by not criticizing the performance of couples in bed spicy. If you do not like a particular touch for example, gently touch the hand of a partner and slowly slide his hand elsewhere with a smile or kiss the partner intimately. Do not just tell him to stop because it will make him feel inferior. A couple nervous because you feel you are staring at him? Try to dim the room lights, make love under the covers, or use a blindfold. That way, he does not have to worry about his movements or sexual expression being watched by you. Once accustomed, lighten the light or ask the couple to close his eyes, without cover. And so on gradually until the couple is confident enough to make love with bright lights or while staring at you.