Teach Dogs Walking With Wearing Collar

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Dogs tend to pull the ropes they wear because they have extra energy and are happy to be outdoors. If possible, make the dog tired by playing with it before you take him for a walk. Try throwing your dog’s favorite ball and play catch with him for about 10 minutes before you put up the reins. You can also find an easy way on how to potty train a puppy, by visiting our website. You can read our articles, or you can also buy alloys to train your dog. Immediately visit our website and find what you need.

Teach your dog to stand when you put the rope. Dogs often feel excited when they are outdoors, jumping over their owners, and barking for waiting for a walk. This problem can continue for years if you do not look for a solution when the dog is very young. If he barks and jumps over you while you are pairing the rope, wait until he is completely calm. Do this over and over again until he learns that he should not leave the house until he behaves.

Use the red light game method, the green light. Start walking with your dog outside the house. When he runs and pulls the rope, stop. Wait until he turns around, then say “come here” and when he is next to you, tell him to “sit”. Give him a snack, then continue the journey. Repeat the process until he learns to walk beside you and not pull the rope. When the dog walks beside you, reward him as often as possible so he knows where he should walk. Continue the exercise using the red light game method, green light for several weeks. You may need a few moments before your dog learns not to pull you into the street.