samy bought the old antique store building in upper east side

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In the upper east side area of New York City, there’s used to be an old and abandoned antique & mirrors building. People have complained for many years that it has become an eyesore for the area. It’s because the other buildings that surround the neighborhood are all new and functional. Furthermore, most of them are the fitness, health, and beauty center buildings. This one particular old building is actually ruining the entire atmosphere of the area. Fortunately, in September 2016, this building has been bought by Samy Mahfar.

When he is being asked by us in the first time we meet him after he bought the building, he states that he is going to make the building looks better and get some new improvement. Right now, the one who falls in love with this building is the representative of Rumble Fitness, Brandon Berger of RKF. Not only that, this building which is located in 1495 Third Avenue has attracted so many eyes of investors once it has been purchased by samy back in 2016. After samy has bought it from S. Cavallo Mirrors & Antiques, there are so many investors who’ve just realized that this building which has been ignored for a long time might be able to give them the perfect business opportunity.

The building has been planned to be opened in 2017. It will be built as a boxing class that will be run by the Rumble Fitness. With the complete and high-class boxing facility, this building will become more than just an attraction for the entire neighborhood of the upper east side. Currently, Brandon Berger and Rumble Fitness are expecting that there will be so many people who will be interested in joining this boxing class. Not only it’s because the area is very strategic, but it’s also sitting in the middle of a district where all of the other health and beauty centers are running their businesses.